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Disclaimer as of date: $2011/05/02$

  • All images are used for illustration purpose only.
  • All images and illustrations should not be depended upon as precise presentations of the finished products.
  • The above images and illustrations may be altered accordingly.
  • Presentations should not be replied upon as accurate representation of the finished product.
  • All inquiries and purchases must be made at individuals own discretion.
  • Developmental changes may be made without notice.
  • Specifications, finishes and dimensions are subject to alteration without notice.
  • Every effort is made to provide the correct information, which is understood to be accurate, but cannot be guaranteed.
  • All information and illustrations are intended as a guide only and are not suggestive of an offer or contract.
  • Due to the ‘Stitching’ process of panoramas, illustrations may appear larger or smaller than their actual size.
  • For the purpose of advertising some images may have been modified.